Grinding Paste

Double Ended Tin - Coarse & Fine Grit

Chemico Double Ended Grinding Paste

  • Fine - 220 Grit
  • Coarse - 80 Grit

Chemico Valve Grinding Paste Double Ended has been popular for many years with both auto enthusiasts and repair workshops, providing a handy supply of a coarse grinding paste to cut and fine grinding paste to finish. Chemico Valve Grinding paste has a lithium grease base, specifically formulated and manufactured solely for Chemico Sales & Overseas Ltd. It has inherent shear stability, that is the lubricant remains in place during the grinding operation for the most efficient grinding, together with inherent corrosion protection and good sealing properties.

Silicon carbide is one of the hardest abrasives known and the particles are especially sharp. Moreover they are brittle and tend to break up into smaller particles that still retain their sharpness and so continue to work efficiently. Use for grinding, lapping and seating valves in automotive, agricultural, garden and marine engines and for oilfield and other general engineering applications.

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual before commencing any operation and follow instructions given fully. The above is supplied for information and is based on laboratory and practical experience. In view of the wide range of applications and conditions of use no liability is accepted for any loss or accident which occur from its use or application


  • Fine - 220 Grit
  • Coarse - 80 Grit
  • Silicon carbide & lithium based grease
  • Net weight 110 gm
  • Available in cartons of 6 x 1 dozen display units
  • Carton holds 72 tins in total
  • This product contains Coarse and Fine grades of grinding paste in the famous double ended tin

Directions for Use of Chemico Valve Grinding Paste

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual for instructions and follow these carefully.
Otherwise for seating valves:

  1. Apply a small amount of paste to valve seat
  2. Avoid contact of the grinding paste with the valve stem and guide
  3. Grind the valve in the normal manner until a uniform seat of the desired appearance is obtained
  4. If the seat is badly pitted, first use a coarser grade paste then trim with the fine grade
  5. When a satisfactory seat has been obtained, clean off well and degrease with a suitable degreaser before valve reassembly
The coarser the grit the harsher the grind, i.e. more scoring

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Double Ended Grinding Paste by Chemico
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