About Chemico
Chemico Double Ended Grinding Paste
Silicon Carbide and lithium base grease
Available in cartons of 6 x 1 dozen display units
Tin weight 110 gm, carton holds 72 tins in total

Directions for Use of Chemico Valve Grinding Paste

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual for instructions and follow these carefully.
Otherwise for seating valves:

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  1. Apply a small amount of paste to valve seat
  2. Avoid contact of the grinding paste with the valve stem and guide
  3. Grind the valve in the normal manner until a uniform seat of the desired appearance is obtained
  4. If the seat is badly pitted, first use a coarser grade paste then trim with the fine grade
  5. When a satisfactory seat has been obtained, clean off well and degrease with a suitable solvent such as paraffin before valve reassembly

The coarser the grit the harsher the grind, i.e. more scoring

Double ended valve grinding paste

Materials Safety Data Sheet | Double ended grinding paste


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